Choosing the Right STIHL Chainsaw – Five Things to Consider

A storm has hit your property… low hanging limbs are making it a challenge to mow… you’re ready to start using firewood to heat your home… for one reason or another, you’re in the market for a chainsaw. Choosing the right chainsaw can help ensure you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely and we want to help you pick the best one for your job.

With 30 STIHL models to choose from, you have a lot of options. But by using these five considerations you can quickly narrow down your choices.

1) Size of job – STIHL offers a wide range of chainsaws, designed for different-sized jobs. Remember that if you feel the job might be beyond your knowledge and experience, hiring a professional will be your best choice.

2) Type of job – Are you trimming limbs? Felling a tree? Cleaning up storm damage? STIHL not only ranges 30 models of chainsaws, we also offer several types of guide bars and cutting chains.

3) Frequency of use – Should you only need your chainsaw for occasional limb removal or light felling, one of our homeowner chainsaws may be enough. However, if you require more significant cutting on a regular basis, you may want to check out a landowner range.

4) Source of Power – STIHL offers petrol-powered, electric and battery-powered chainsaws. Choose your chainsaw based on your requirements for mobility, ease of starting, weight, as well as initial and ongoing costs.

5) Number of Options – As a leader in chainsaw technology innovation, STIHL offers a variety of value-added options that can provide enhanced performance and additional comfort. Some of these features include STIHL Easy2Start, automatic bar and chain oiling, and the quick chain adjuster.

Remember, we at Fairfield City Mowers & Chainsaws have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best saw for your needs and to ensure that you have the appropriate accessories and protective apparel to get the job done right.

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