Impressive blowing force – the professional blower STIHL BR 700

With a blowing force of 35 newtons the STIHL BR 700 blower does a tidy job. Leaves, cuttings and litter are blown into a neat heap in next to no time. This powerful machine is the effective way of clearing up even larger areas. And the users, for example landscapers and municipal cleaning operators, can be confident the blower will make light work of it: the BR 700 is the lightest backpack machine in its class and has lots of ergonomic details to simplify handling.

The irresistible force: in simple figures, with a blowing force of 35 newtons the STIHL BR 700 can keep 3.5 kg of leaves in the air – that’s more than any other STIHL blower. So the mess that typically has to be dealt with in spring and autumn, like cuttings or leaves, can be quickly and tidily blown into a pile. Even wet carpets of leaves disappear without resisting. The BR 700 is thus particularly suitable for use on large areas such as extensive parks. It gets its energy from a powerful 4-MIX engine which users will appreciate for its remarkably low fuel consumption and pleasant, sonorous operating sound. Despite its impressive performance this backpack machine weighs a mere 10.8 kg, making it the lightest in its class.

Gasoline Blower Specifications

Displacement (cc) 64.8
Power (kW) 2.8
Sound pressure level (dB(A)):* 101
Vibration at handle (m/s2):** 2.5
Air flow rate (m³/h) 1550
Air velocity (m/s) 74
Blowing force (N) 35
Features Variable blower tube length
Toolless handle position adjustment
fixed throttle, automatic choke return

* K factor according to Directive 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB(A); ** K factor according to Directive 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s.

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